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               Learner Support

Support for your learning.

We recognise that our learners come from different backgrounds and have different abilities and experiences. Some will manage their learning without too much difficulty, whereas others may need a bit of extra help along the way. Below are just some of the ways we can help you.

Support for students with disabilities

We want to ensure that learners with disabilities are fully supported whilst they are with us. A wide variety of support is available. For further information, please contact us on 01642 811400 or speak to your tutor or learning advisor.

Support to move on

We know it can be a challenge deciding what to study, planning your career or finding work. Whether you have firm ideas or are looking for new inspiration and a change of direction, our staff are available to point you in the right direction.

We work closely with the national careers service who can help with:
• career planning and progression
• choosing a course
• applying to university
• advice on alternatives to university (including higher apprenticeships)
• returning to learning after a break
• training for getting into work
• creating and updating your CV
• job search skills and interview practice
• work experience and volunteering
• financial support while you study

Financial Support

• Advanced Learner Loans
As an adult student, you may be thinking about applying for a loan to cover your tuition costs. An Advanced Learner Loan can help cover the costs of studying for a level 3 qualification or above. This loan can cover all of the upfront fees for your course and will be paid directly to MCLS on your behalf. Advanced Learner Loans are not means tested or credit checked, so most people will be able to access them. You will only start to repay the loan once you finish, or leave, the course and are earning more than £21,000 per year, when you will pay 9% of your income above £21,000. For more details visit our Advanced Learner Loan page.

The Advanced Learner Loan cannot be used for HNDs, HNCs or Foundation Degrees. Please note that loans are provided by the Student Loans Company. If you decide to apply for and use a loan to pay your fees, you must ensure you have an approved loan in place prior to the start of your course. You can find out more about using a loan and apply online at

• Discretionary Learning Support
MCL has learner support funds available to assist learners aged 19+ who are attending a certificated course who need support which could include support with transport, childcare and resources.
For further information, please speak to your tutor or contact 01642 811400