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Growing Aspirations.

As part of the Council and within the Community Learning service we provide the following for students who have fallen through the gaps in mainstream provision or who are on the verge or have been permanently excluded.   I work with all secondary school in the LA and some Special Education establishments.   The LA commissions 16 and I have an additional 8 that can be commissioned directly by schools in and out of the area.The provision operates as follows;

• 3 Days - Monday - Wednesday

• 1 Day - Selfing (personal development, social and emotional and behaviour management)

• 2 Days - Vocational placement/training when we have worked with the student to find out what they might actually want to do when they leave school. We can look at most vocation and have not yet found a vocational area we con not work with. They will hopefully achieve a accredited qualification in their chosen vocation along with an employability qualification.

• Referral by schools through the Pupil Placement Panel process every three weeks in term time for a commissioned place. Or direct referral for a full cost place.

• Transport is provided as part of the commissioned place.

• Class sizes are small with 8 per class with a Teacher and TA per group.

For futher information contact:
01642 598446 & 01642 576520
Jan Earl - Alternative Provision Coordinator

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